Software Implementation


Custom configuration including bespoke adaptation to meet specific customer needs.  Our experience with various businessess in different industries has given our team exposure to many challenging implementations and has never failed to meet, and usually exceeds, our customers expectations.

Application Integration


We have partnered with many different application platform providers as well as developed holistic integrations which has given us extensive experience with these applications.  Some of the applications include; Salesforce, Sage, SAP, Great Plains, Servicemax, InsideSales and many more.

Cross Platform Integration & Data Modeling


We have yet to find a business absent of data silos and multiple versions of the truth.  Our experience has shown us that every customer has unique problems.  We apply a data normalization process considering external keys to bring about one version of the truth.

Business Intelligence & Strategic Planning


Analyzing business problems and collaborating with subject matter experts to determine efficient solutions.

Process Architecture


Streamline workflows to take advantage of technology and services available to our clients.  We are able to enhance current processes, assist customers with gaps in their processes or design new processes.

Multi-Level Training Options


Our experts can assist with training new processes or application functions based on the customer needs.  We offer a Train the Trainer program, multi-user training sessions, and on-going training and support.  Our programs can be conducted on site or online depending on the customer preference.

On Demand Administrator Services


Whether you're new to an application and needing configuration or a long time veteran who's in need of basic administrative services but don't have a need for a full-time employee, this is the product for you.  We offer different levels of response times, contract terms and are not limited to one application specicfically.  This is a great opportunity to have your own application expert on-hand who's available on an as-needed basis.